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PQCrypto 2023
The 14th International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography
August 16-18, 2023
College Park, MD, USA

Slides and Videos

Invited Presentations

  • Isogeny-based cryptography after The Snap
    Benjamin Wesolowski - slides, video
  • Post-Quantum Signatures from Multiparty Computation: Recent Advances
    Thibauld Feneuil - slides, video
  • PQC at Google
    Sophie Schmieg - slides, video
  • New algebraic attacks on the McEliece cryptosystem
    Jean-Pierre Tillich - slides, video

Session I: Digital Signatures

  • A Tightly Secure Identity-based Signature Scheme from Isogenies
    Jiawei Chen, Hyungrok Jo, Shingo Sato and Junji Shikata - slides, video
  • SPDH-Sign: towards Efficient, Post-quantum, Group-based Signatures
    Christopher Battarbee, Delaram Kahrobaei, Ludovic Perret and Siamak F. Shahandashti - slides, video
  • DME: a full encryption, signature and KEM multivariate public key cryptosystem
    Ignacio Luengo, Martín Avendaño and Pilar Coscojuela - slides, video
  • Wave Parameter Selection
    Nicolas Sendrier - slides, video

Session II: Theory

  • Fast Enumeration Algorithm For Multivariate Polynomials Over General Finite Fields
    Hiroki Furue and Tsuyoshi Takagi - slides, video
  • On the Hardness of Scheme-Switching Between SIMD FHE Schemes
    Karim Eldefrawy, Nicholas Genise and Nathan Manohar - slides, video
  • NTRU in Quaternion Algebras of Bounded Discriminant
    Cong Ling and Andrew Mendelsohn - slides
  • NTWE: A Natural Combination of NTRU and LWE
    Joel Gärtner - slides, video

Session III: Quantum I

  • Classical and quantum 3 and 4-sieves to solve SVP with low memory
    André Chailloux and Johanna Loyer - slides, video
  • Time and Query Complexity Tradeoffs for the Dihedral Coset Problem
    Maxime Remaud, André Schrottenloher and Jean-Pierre Tillich - slides, video
  • Non-Observable Quantum Random Oracle Model
    Navid Alamati, Varun Maram and Daniel Masny - slides, video

Session IV: Quantum II

  • Breaking the Quadratic Barrier: Quantum Cryptanalysis of Milenage, Telecommunications' Cryptographic Backbone
    Vincent Quentin Ulitzsch and Jean-Pierre Seifert - slides
  • Characterizing the qIND-qCPA (In)security of the CBC, CFB, OFB and CTR Modes of Operation
    Tristan Nemoz, Zoé Amblard and Aurélien Dupin - slides, video
  • On the Quantum Security of HAWK
    Serge Fehr and Yu-Hsuan Huang - slides, video

Session V: Post-Quantum Protocols

  • Post-Quantum Signatures in DNSSEC via Request-Based Fragmentation
    Jason Goertzen and Douglas Stebila - slides, video
  • Hash-based Direct Anonymous Attestation
    Liqun Chen, Changyu Dong, Nada El Kassem, Christopher J.P. Newton and Yalan Wang - slides, video
  • Muckle+: End-to-End Hybrid Authenticated Key Exchanges
    Sonja Bruckner, Sebastian Ramacher and Christoph Striecks - slides, video

Session VI: Cryptanalysis

  • An extension of Overbeck's attack with an application to cryptanalysis of Twisted Gabidulin-based schemes
    Alain Couvreur and Ilaria Zappatore - slides, video
  • Cryptanalysis of rank-metric schemes based on distorted Gabidulin codes
    Pierre Briaud and Pierre Loidreau
  • Do not bound to a single position: near-optimal multi-positional mismatch attacks against Kyber and Saber
    Qian Guo and Erik Mårtensson - slides, video
  • New NTRU Records with Improved Lattice Bases
    Elena Kirshanova, Alexander May and Julian Nowakowski - slides, video

Session VII: Hardware and Side Channels

  • A High-Performance Hardware Implementation of the LESS Digital Signature Scheme
    Luke Beckwith, Robert Wallace, Kamyar Mohajerani and Kris Gaj - slides, video
  • WrapQ: Side-Channel Secure Key Management for Post-Quantum Cryptography
    Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen - slides, video
  • Breaking and Protecting the Crystal: Side-Channel Analysis of Dilithium in Hardware
    Hauke Steffen, Georg Land, Lucie Kogelheide and Tim Güneysu - slides, video
  • Faulting Winternitz One-Time Signatures to forge LMS, XMSS, or SPHINCS+ signatures
    Alexander Wagner, Vera Wesselkamp, Felix Oberhansl, Marc Schink and Emanuele Strieder - slides, video

Rump Session - slides

  • Dustin Moody, NIST PQC Presentation of Plaques
  • Po-Chun Kuo, Preon: Digital Signature from zk-SNARK
  • Scott Fluhrer, Signature Limbo
  • Varun Maram, Does Post-Quantum Cryptography Come After Quantum Cryptography?
  • Hyungrok Jo, IWSEC2023 Call for Participation
  • Daniel Smith-Tone, Breaking SCRAP
  • Ryann Cartor, PQCrypto 23 Group Avatar

Video recording by Chris Hegwood, Stamp Student Union. Some slides and videos are not being published, at the request of the presenters. There was no video recording of the rump session.

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